Northern Students

Internship I & II

Internship is an opportunity for students to learn practical ministry skills in a safe, learning environment. Under the supervision of a skilled minister, students engage in practical learning experiences that are designed to shape and prepare them for service to the Church. In class, students engage in a theological reflection process with peers to explore ministry issues. Students take two quarters of Internship (SM 401 and SM 402) in a local church or ministry.

All students must complete the online SM 401a Internship Information Session prior to registering for Internship I or Internship II. This online information session is available each Winter quarter to help students prepare for their Internship experience.

If you have any questions please call the Supervised Ministry Office! We’re here to help! Phone: 630-620-2134 e-mail:


Internship Appendices

Appendix A: Internship Information

Appendix B: Creating the Learning Covenant

Appendix C: Internship Supervisor Information

Appendix D: Case Study and Theological Reflection Guidelines

Appendix E: Student and Supervisor Evaluation Forms

Sample Internship Syllabus

How to Apply for Internships

1. Register for SM401 Internship Information Session via the student portal. This course is available during the Winter quarter and must be completed by the end of the Winter quarter.

2. Pre-register for SM 401 Internship I and SM 401 Internship II by the registration due date.

3. Turn in the appropriate assignments and information by their due dates. Late appendices will not be accepted.