Northern Students

Verification of Status

From time to time, students find that they need official letters from the Registrar which verify their current student status to concerned third parties. These third parties are most often financial institutions from whom the student has received loans, denominational organizations considering the student for scholarships or ordination, or potential employers, but could include other various parties as well.

Most loan institutions have their own form for a Deferment Request. If you need to request a loan deferment, please bring the completed and signed form to the Registrar’s Office.

If you are in need of another type of verification letter, please contact the Registrar with the following information:

1. Your name, phone number and current mailing address

2. The name and mailing address of the individual or institution which will receive the letter.

3. Any specific points of information which you need the Registrar to confirm to the party receiving the letter.

4. The date by which the letter needs to be received or other time constraints.

The Registrar’s Office does not release or confirm any information to a third party by phone.

Click HERE to email the Registrar