Northern Students

Pass / Fail

Students who wish to make use of the Pass/Fail grading option may choose to take up to two courses for grades of CR (Credit) or NC (No Credit). Courses which are normally offered on a Pass/Fail basis (such as SM 502 C.P.E.) are not counted as one of these two courses.  Students making use of this option are held to the same standards of performance within the course as all the other students and must complete all the same coursework. This option creates only two differences, both of which take place after the completion of the class and all coursework. The first is that the instructor will assign a grade of CR (Credit) or NC (No Credit), rather than a letter grade. The second difference occurs when the grade is applied to the student’s transcript. The grades of CR and NC are not figured in to the student’s Grade Point Average.  Thus, such a class will have no impact, positive or negative, on the student’s G.P.A.  In the event that a student earns a grade of NC within such a class, the instructor will provide a written evaluation of that student’s work in place of a grade.

In order to take a course Credit/No Credit, students should indicate to the Registrar their intent to make use of this grading option when registering through the student portal. Heritage area core courses (listed below) may not be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. Instructors may also designate that their individual courses may not be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

The following courses may not be taken on a Pass/Fail basis:

IN 301 Exploring the Bible
OT 301 Pentateuch
OT 302 Former Prophets
OT 458 Old Testament Theology
NT 301 Jesus and the Gospels
NT 302 Paul’s Letters and Acts
NT 303 Letters to the Early Churches
CH 301 Early and Medieval Christianity
CH 302 Reformation and Modern Christianity
CH 407 History of American Religion
TH 301 Christian Theology I
TH 302 Christian Theology II
TH 303 Theology of Church and Culture