Northern Students

Independent Study

An Independent Study course may be negotiated with a member of the regular, affiliate or adjunct faculty of the Seminary for any quarter of the academic year. The student must register for the Independent Study at the time of registration and submit an Independent Study Contract to the Registrar.  A $300 Administrative Fee is attached to the registration.

This form must be filled out fully by the student and signed by the faculty advisor and the Independent Study supervisor, and sent to the Registrar no later than the last day of registration for the term in which the course is taken. Independent Studies require similar levels of academic work when compared to a course carrying the same number of credit hours and are subject to the same rules and regulations as regularly offered courses. Faculty supervisors exercise their own discretion in accepting Independent Studies. Such Independent Studies are not permitted for regularly scheduled courses at Northern or for courses available from the ACTS seminaries.

Only students who have earned at least twenty-four credit hours in graduate theological education and who have a 2.75 cumulative grade point average or better will normally qualify for an Independent Study. A student should not take more than a maximum of four Independent Studies toward the M.Div degree or a maximum of two Independent Studies toward the M.A. degree. Students who negotiate an Independent Study contract with either an affiliate or adjunct faculty will be charged an additional $150 fee as listed in the current academic year fees.

Click HERE to download an Independent Study Form