Northern Students

Payment Plans

Student Accounts

At Northern Seminary students are able to access their accounts via the student portal at any time.  In fact, we encourage students to check their account balances and make payments on portalPayments may be made in the form of checks, Visa, Master Card credit or debit cards, or Discover.  Students may also make cash payments at the seminary library. Please keep a file of all receipts when cash payments are made.

Students are expected to keep their account balances current, and any balance due must be paid in full before beginning the next term. Transcripts and diplomas cannot be released to students with unpaid account balances.


Short-Term Payment Plans

Each term, Northern Seminary MDiv and MACM students have the option of paying tuition in 1, 2, or 3 payments throughout that quarter.  Please contact the Student Accounts Office to set up a plan that is right for you.  A long-term recurring monthly Payment Arrangement is established for students in Partnership or Cohort programs (see below).

Unless a Payment Agreement has been signed by the student, the total amount of tuition and fees is due prior to the beginning of the term, by the date on the seminary calendar. This is normally one month before the term begins.

Interest on any account balance over 30 days accrues at 1% per month (12% annually). Late charges of $25 will apply for late or missed payments.

The administration-up fee for Payment Agreements is waived if the student sets up automatic payments with the Student Accounts Office. An automatic payment is one in which the student supplies their account information when the Payment Agreement is set up. Payments are then automatically deducted from their checking account or credit card. A $15 administration fee is charged for non-automatic payments.

Please direct any questions regarding payment plans or your student account to 630-620-2111.


Long-Term Payment Plans

For Cohort or Partnership-Based programs, all students participate in a payment plan specifically designed for their degree. Each plan consists of a recurring monthly payment via credit card or checking account, which is paid over a set number of months (24, 36, or 48).

Any student who misses two consecutive payments in his or her long-term Payment Agreement may not enroll in another course until the balance of his or her account has been paid in full.  The seminary is not responsible for a delay in a cohort program and cannot guarantee that a student who stops out can continue on later with the same cohort group.  After the student’s account is in balance, he or she may once again enroll in courses at Northern.

The monthly amount includes tuition and registration fees. For partnership programs, the payment amount may also include program fees related to the partner’s program (such as retreat fees or travel). The payment plan does not include books, housing, or Assessment fees. The fee for the assessment done by the Samaritan Center is $850 for cohorts in the DMin Program. Students must purchase all books and arrange for housing for each course in the program unless otherwise noted.