Northern Students


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in my classes?

Enrollment is simply done through your academic advisor. Kelly Wunderlich ( can assist you. Please contact her to proceed.


What if I need to take a quarter off?

You can find our Leave of Absence form at Click “Registrar” then “Registrar Forms”


How do I access the library?

Library resources can be found at under the “Northern Seminary Library” tab. For additional information or help with library resources contact Thomas Lyons at


Where are the Registrar forms?

All forms regarding LOA, Withdrawal, Change of Degree, etc. can be found at under “Registrar”.


How do I access Seminary Now? Is it Free?

You can access Seminary Now by visiting Subscriptions are not free, however contact for any potential promotions or offers.


Who handles Scholarship and financial aid?

Our Scholarships are handled by a committee led by Linda Owens. Information regarding scholarship offerings can be found at under the “Finances” tab. For additional questions regarding scholarships please contact


What do I do if I need to withdraw?

Withdrawal forms can be found at Click the “Registrar” tab and scroll down to “Registrar” forms.


Do I have to attend intensives in-person?

In-person intensives for MA students are strongly recommended due to the fact that Community is a much needed part of your seminary journey. We do understand that travel can be difficult for some, so we’ve provided a Live Streaming option for those who cannot attend. Dmin students are required to be in-person for intensives unless otherwise arranged with the Dmin Program Director.


Is the student responsible for book purchases?

Students are responsible for purchasing all necessary texts for classes. Please refer to the classes syllabus as some required readings may be uploaded in article or pdf form.


Is there available lodging during intensive weeks?

Northern has agreements in place with three options for overnight accommodations as follows.

1. Extended Stay America – directly across the street from us

The rate I was informed of is $104.49/night plus tax. You would have to call 630.434.7710 and speak with Reservations, mention

Northern Seminary, and give your credit card to secure.

2. Hyatt Regency

1400 Corporetum Drive (due west at the intersection of Rte. 53 and Warrenville Road, south side of the street), Lisle, IL 60532

$105.00 per night

Includes hot breakfast

3. DoubleTree by Hilton

3003 Corporate West Drive (due west along Warrenville Road, south side of the street), Lisle, IL 60532

$109 per night

Breakfast coupon included Booking Link:


Is there a preferred citation method at Northern Seminary?

Here’s a great resource to consider:


On average, how many hours do students invest into each class per week?

This varies widely – I’ve asked students (all who are top achievers) and they have suggested anywhere from 2-3 hours if it is more familiar material or an intro class, to 10-15 if the class text is very dense or complex. But it is rare to do 15 hours over the whole quarter, it would be more in spurts as related to the complex topic.


Does the “Women, Preaching, Evangelism” class deal with teaching women how to preach?

Yes, we would look at preaching, and overall communication of the gospel to both the church and society. We would not spend time discussing the pros and cons of ordaining women, but would assume that women could preach and evangelize, and thus try to build those skills and knowledge base.


Does the “Women Leadership” class deal with developing leadership skills in your students?

Yes, this would look at leadership skills in a church setting, and in the wider world. It would look at knowing yourself as a leader, and how organizations work


Is there a list of class descriptions that I could look at?

Yes, we should have our new catalog up on our website in a few days. That lists all the classes


Is it possible to enroll in a class without enrolling in the program?

Yes, what we would do is have you in the “certificate” category, which is a non-degree, MA courses. After 5 courses, you have earned a graduate certificate. You can apply those classes to a MA program if you want.