Northern Students

Formation for Christian Ministry

In the first year of study, students enroll in Formation for Christian Ministry (SM 301). This course is a small group experience under faculty leadership with designated readings, prayer, guided discussion, peer reflection and support. The primary agenda of this course is to assist students as they seek to understand themselves as they pursue seminary training.

Below are a few resources students will need for the course and information about the Midwest Ministry Career Assessment. This course has an additional course fee of $400.

Formation for Christian Ministry Appendices




Midwest Career Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to assist students in understanding their call to ministry, what it implies for future personal development and life work, and how their unique gifts can be utilized in the most meaningful and effective ways. Listed below are the assessments each student will have the opportunity to complete:

1) Autobiographical Questionnaire – completed at home

2) Myers Briggs Type Indicator – completed online through Midwest Ministry Development

3) Enneagram – completed online through Midwest Ministry Development

4) Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) – completed in protored assessment session

5) Sentence Completion – completed in protored assessment session

6) Individual Session – Students will sign up for this session by calling Midwest directly. Sessions occur at the Midwest Ministry Development center in Westchester, IL.

Students will receive complete information on these assessments and requirements prior to their first SM 301 Formation for Christian Ministry class via email. The autobiographical statement and online assessments must be completed by the end of the first week of classes.

It is very important that students are on time for the small group session at Midwest Ministry Development. If a student misses a session, a fee will be charged to the student’s account.

If you have a problem with your appointment time please contact Midwest Ministry Development immediately at 708-343-6268.

Directions to Midwest Ministry Development

Address: 1840 Westchester Blvd, Westchester, IL 60154

From the Lombard Campus:

1.  Turn left onto Butterfield (heading East, away from Yorktown Mall and toward Route 83)

2. Continue on 22nd Street (stay straight, do not follow Butterfield).

3.  You will drive for about 20 – 25 minutes on 22nd.

4.  You will pass over the entrance for 294 – continue on 22nd.

5.  You will come to an intersection where a Giordano’s Pizza Restaurant will be on your left, it will be the next road after this intersection.  Westchester is a road on the left (there is no light or stop sign – but a small turning lane).

6.  Turn into this neighborhood and drive to the first stop sign. Turn left into the church’s parking lot .

7.  Midwest is on the second floor of the church (follow the signs).